So, how does this online learning thing work?

Since I started to share the idea of online courses, I tend to get questions in exchange.
Questions are good, they result in answers. So, what do people ask (and what do I reply):
Human Brain Evolution

Human Brain Evolution (Photo credit: hawkexpress)

How do they get the knowledge into my brains?   Just like every other course: by clever use of media like videos, audio files, pictures / Graphics and texts. You will often find even more material for further information.

Who will take care of me learning constantly?

Everybody is creative…

… that’s what I have learned in the Crash Course on Creativity so far. Tina Seelig is „teaching“  creativity. And once we started, we knew that we have had it in ourselves all the time. It just needed to be triggered. We, that’s nearly 40,000 online participants all over the world. That’s the big advantage of online courses. Everyone who has access to the internet has access to the courses. And the best: the Crash Course on Creativity is all free. No costs, just benefit.

HOW do I learn in this course? Weiterlesen

Hello world! Hallo Welt!

Welcome to my new blog. This will be

  • about me. Me learning online and blogging about the experiences.
  • And you, reading it and hopefully get inspiration to „try this at home“. It is strictly allowed around here. Weiterlesen