Merry Christmas


Seasons greetings to all my blog readers and visitors.IMG_2369xme_kl


Wrap the gifts, now! / Geschenke einpacken, jetzt!

As christmas days are coming closer, I would like to share some instructions for gift wrapping. Yeah, there is nothing you can’t learn online 😉 The language is mixed (english / german) but the videos are selfexplaining. Wait no longer and wrap those thoughtful gifts for your beloved ones. Weiterlesen

E like Esperanto

Would you agree that language is the key to communication? Would you agree that it is a human need to share thoughts and feelings with the help of languages? So you probably do also agree that learning languages is a pretty good thing? Would you like to learn a language that is spoken by people in over 100 countries in the world, in Europe, in South America, in the USA, in Asia? That connects peoples all over the globe? Sounds good? Weiterlesen

Great article about MOOCs

The New York Times published a great article about the MOOCs – (Massive Open Online Courses), explaining what it is and why it is so popular:

Massive Open Online Courses Are Multiplying at a Rapid Pace –

English: German flag icon

Toller Artikel über MOOCs aus der New York Times, der erklärt was MOOC sind und warum sie so beliebt sind.

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I want to have an argument, please.

In Duke University’s online course „Think again – How to reason and argue“ you can learn how to argue. That doesn’t mean that you learn how to argue with your husband for not putting his dirty socks in the lavatory bin. It rather means that you can learn how to Weiterlesen

Gangnam Style

In a recent comment on Everybody is creative, I wrote that learning is good, but  breaks are also important for your brain. There is no harm in an active break. It even improves your concentration to take physical action. Today, as an early sunday treat, I show you how you can even learn Gangnam Style Basic Steps online.